Naval Architecture is a general name for a set of unique and highly specialised engineering skills used when designing ships. We are trained and qualified Naval Architects and we offer high quality services. Some of these typical disciplines in the field of naval architecture that we offer are:

  • Designing hullshapes for displacement and planing vessels (creating linesplans)
  • Resistance, propulsion, speed and range calculations
  • Scantling calculations (dimensioning structural parts)
  • Weight calculations
  • Hydrostatics and stability calculations (intact & damaged)
  • Tank arrangements and optimised loading conditions
  • Classification related issues and calculations (CE, STIX, Lloyds, BV, GL, MCA, MNZ, etc)
  • Sailplans and rigging details for sailing vessels (modern but also traditional like tall ships)
  • Conduction of stability tests (inclinating test)
  • Making of stability booklets

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