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Design Fees, Stock Plans & Royalties


Starting from NZD120 / hour (excl. GST)


For a vessel around 12mtr / 40ft; depending on the scope of the required documentation, approximately 5-8% of the cost of a professionally built vessel. For smaller boats it will likely be a higher percentage and for larger boats it may be a smaller percentage.


A 'stock plan' is an off-the-shelf design. Generally one or more boats already have been built from these plans, so it's a proven concept so to speak. If one of our stockplan designs suits your needs, you may be building in a matter of weeks. We will be digging through our archives and adding more designs to the list below in time. For costs of our stock plans, see table below.


If you are interested in one or more of our stock plans, please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions. Having said that we would appreciate it if you fully read the information below which might already answer some of your questions. Thank you. For actual orders also just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know which design # and vessel you are interested in.

About our stock plans and the way we make the information available to our clients:

  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). Orders within New Zealand are subject to GST of 15%.
  • Plan prices are subject to change without notice. Check our website www.DVS-MarineDesign.nz for the latest updates.
  • Purchasing a stock plan for the indicated stock plan price will allow the construction of 1 (one) boat only. Additional vessels to be built are subject to a royalty payment equal to the plan prices quoted here.
  • Exclusive and series building license rights of a design can be arranged for certain regions or countries. This will be more expensive and conditions will apply regarding a required amount of boats to be produced within a certain timeframe. Contact us if you are interested in such an arrangement.
  • Stock plans are ‘as is’ – Changes and customisation will be quoted separately and based on the hourly fee above.
  • Studyplans can be purchased for the client to get a better idea of the design. Also generally the studyplans provide enough information to get quotes from builders and suppliers. When you buy a full set of plans after having purchased the studyplans, the studyplan costs will be deducted from the price of the full plans.
  • For our stockplans we typically have CNC cutfile information. It doesn't mean that a design can only be build by using the available CNC cutfile information. For some designs we also offer a 'plans only' option. This way you save costs on a the CNC package however you have to add a consideral amount of building hours and probably you will need more material in the end. A CNC package comes with an efficient nesting which highly reduces the amount of material waste. For DIY projects the 'plans only' option can still be attractive as your building hours generally don't have to be paid for. When you plan to have the vessel build professionally however, we strongly recommend to use the CNC information.
  • We typically communicate CNC information directly with cutting companies (we can help you find one if you need). Clients can then acquire the actual materials directly from the cutting company. For regular returning clients we are willing to look in different arrangements.
  • Shipping of hardcopy plans (typically one full set) is included in the price for Australia and New Zealand. Elsewhere add NZD50 for the full working drawing packages.

Below you find a selection of currently available 'stock plan' designs & royalties

Design # Length OA [m] Decription of the vessel Studyplan Plans incl. CNC info
    FAST ALLOY RIBS (For Professional Use)
134 B 6.60 Alloy Twin Outb Center Console RIB 250 4400
134 A 7.30 Alloy Twin Outb Center Console RIB 250 6000
086 7.50 Alloy Single Waterjet RIB 250 5250
114 7.70 Alloy Twin Outboard Hardtop RIB 250 5250
038 9.10 Alloy Single Waterjet RIB 250 7875
112 B 9.10 Alloy Single Waterjet RIB 250 7875
066 9.50 Alloy Twin Outboard Hardtop RIB 250 7800
096 9.50 Alloy Twin Outboard Pilothouse RIB 250 8750
146 9.60 Alloy Twin Outboard Hardtop RIB 250 8750
110 10.41 Alloy Triple Outb Aft Console RIB 12pax 250 7900
112 C 10.87 Alloy Twin Jet / Outboard Hardtop RIB 300 10500
112 D 10.87 Alloy Twin Jet Center Console RIB 300 10500
083 11.70 Alloy Twin Jet Pilothouse RIB 350 18000
M357 5.90 Alloy Single Outboard Workboat - 900
101 7.00 Alloy Landing Craft - 2800
M275 8.50 Steel Work Barge - 750
155 11.00 Alloy Oyster Barge 200 3750
165 12.00 Alloy Mussel Barge 200 5250
138 13.00 Alloy Oyster Barge 200 4500
M357 5.90 Alloy Single Outboard Tender - 900
M350 6.00 Polyester Leisure Tender - **
M349 7.00 Polyester Leisure Tender - **
M359 7.15 Alloy Single Outb Tender (Mistress715) - 1500
M365 7.35 Alloy Single Outb Tender (MistressT24) - *
166 9.64 Alloy Twin Outboard Cabin RIB 250 8750
M265 12.00 Composite Hybrid Motoryacht (Abalone 40) 350 17500
058 9.50 31' Ply Sailing Catamaran 250 -
163 16.00 52' Alloy Sailing Catamaran 500 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
067 19.00 62' Alloy Sailing Catamaran 350 37500
M324 10.20 33' Steel Centerboard Cutter (Bornrif 33) 300 11500
043 11.92 39' Alloy Cruising Cutter 300 12000
047 13.16 43' Steel Raised Saloon Cutter 300 13000
* Not available yet as stockplan, however the design is in an advanced stage of development. Please do contact us, when you are interested.
** These polyester designs are not really suitable for one-off builds. However we are looking for businesses that want to market and build these designs in series. If interested, please contact us.

What do you get when you order plan information from De Villiers & Van Schaik – Marine Design:

Study plans (detailed information for getting quotations from builders):

  • Format: Digital (PDF/JPG), hardcopy on request only (printing and handling costs apply)
  • Typical included information:
    • General Arrangement
    • Interior Arrangement
    • Sail Plan
    • Deck Plan
    • Typical Construction Sections w/ estimated material quantities
    • 3D Renderings (if Available)

Working Plan Packages:

  • Format: Digital (PDF/JPG) or hardcopy on request
  • Typical included information (varying with the type of vessel):
    • Hull Lines Plan
    • Deck Lines Plan
    • Sail and Rig Plan
    • Deck Arrangement Plan
    • Interior Arrangement (Plan and Inboard Profile)
    • Joinery Sections
    • Construction Plan (typically several sheets per design)
    • Rudder Construction
    • Engine bed arrangement
    • Anchor and mooring information
    • Welding Schedule
    • Miscellaneous Details

Building kit information:

  • Format:
    • CNC cutfiles: Digital, communicated directly to an approved Cutting Company
    • Assemblies: Digital (PDF/JPG) or hardcopy on request
  • Typical included information (varying with the type of vessel):
    • 2D/3D detailed assembly drawings with dimensions
    • Shopfloor drawings with part identification, position and dimensioning
    • Shopfloor drawings with plate expansions and/or folded parts
    • Forming information / templates (for example with a roundbilge hull)
    • Step by step building strategy plans
    • Building frame information
    • Plate Nests, optimized for efficient material usage
    • Profile reports, overview of used extrusion profiles with type, lengths and end-cuts
    • Part reports, overview of all cut parts with information like plate thickness and weights
    • Nest reports with specific information (amount of plates and remnant info)
    • Exact weight information and centre of gravity for building sections or in total
    • Information for 1:1 scale frame plan for plotting on MDF or on Mylar (foil) if requested by the builder