De Villiers & Van Schaik - Naval Architecture & Marine Design


Naval Architecture is a general name for a set of unique and highly specialised engineering skills used when designing ships. Some of these typical disciplines in the field of naval architecture that we offer are:

  • Designing hullshapes for displacement and planing vessels (creating linesplans)
  • Resistance, propulsion, speed and range calculations
  • Scantling calculations (dimensioning structural parts)
  • Weight calculations
  • Hydrostatics and stability calculations (intact & damaged)
  • Tank arrangements and optimised loading conditions
  • Classification related issues and calculations (CE, STIX, Lloyds, BV, GL, MCA, MNZ, etc)
  • Sailplans and rigging details for sailing vessels (modern but also traditional like tall ships)
  • Conduction of stability tests (inclinating test)
  • Making of stability booklets

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